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07 March 2014

A sneak peak at Property Investment in the UK in 2014

The property market in the UK has been on a free fall since the time of the financial turmoil but the good news is that things have started looking up and the market is poised to recover and gain its longstanding reputation. Britain is now poised to experience phenomenal house price rises moving forward due to some factors such as mortgage availability and investor confidence on the economy. Analysts posit that the smallest price rise in the North and East of England will be between 3 and 5 percent, with central London experiencing over 15 percent rise.

Here are some ideas on the kind of homes that are likely to attract huge demand:

Prime locations. Housing analysts have described 2014 as a year when super suburbs are going to emerge. With this in mind you need to make sure you are not left out when major hotspots begin to offer homes for sale. Some of these include Kent, Berkshire, Sussex, Surrey and Herefordshire. The unique feature of these areas is that they offer a combination of opulent and standard homes, all of which are far much cheaper than London. They also have excellent rail and road networks.

Reconditioned homes. Analysts say that demand for homes requiring structural improvements will be incredibly high during this property market bubble. This is largely attributed to the fact that many home buyers will be able to access mortgages to buy and renovate their homes.

Green homes. It is now evident that soaring energy bills are proving to be burdensome to many home owners. As a result, many home buyers are opting for green energy as an alternative and are looking for homes that will offer them just this. In effect, developers across UK are now incorporating high levels of insulation, heat recovery systems, boilers and other features geared towards making a home self-sufficient in terms of energy use.

Homes with Hi-tech features. Younger buyers are increasingly having an affinity with homes with hi-tech features. The onset of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and broadband has really revolutionized property market in the UK and investors with this in mind will most likely reap great benefits from their investments.

While the property market across the UK may slacken as autumn settles in, the prices are expected to be in their all-time high in the next five years, probably till late 2018.

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