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By comparing Leeds conveyancing quotes using our website, we will match you with property solicitors and licensed conveyancers located in Leeds or serving the Leeds area. You will receive an instant, accurate conveyancing quote based on the value of your property. Our Leeds conveyancing quotes are free, instant and there is no obligation.


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Profile of one of our panel property solicitors in Leeds:

hlw Keeble Hawson Solicitors
Protection House
16-17 East Parade




hlw Keeble Hawson are property solicitors with offices in Leeds city Centre. The roots of the law firm can be traced back over 2 centuries, and via mergers and take overs have serviced the people of Leeds in their conveyancing needs for over 70 years (in the same offices in Leeds city centre, no less!).

Offering a specialist conveyancing department, servicing both Leeds and the rest of country, this firm of Leeds property solicitors can offer the best service when buying or selling a house in Leeds, all at an affordable and competitive price!


Get a competitive conveyancing quote from this trusted law firm, and learn more about the fees involved when buying or selling a house , simply by completing the form above.

Looking for conveyancing in Leeds - here are a few useful Leeds conveyancing hints:

  • When selling a property, have readily to hand any appropriate documentation that your conveyancing solicitors may require. These can include FENSA documents for new windows and doors and CORGI or similar documents for any new gas appliances.
  • If you can, ask your conveyancing solicitor to email any documents to you rather than post them to save time and help to speed up your sale or purchase.
  • A Local Authority search will only reveal entries relating to the particular property you are buying. If you require more information about surrounding properties ask your conveyancing solicitor to advise you of any further searches that can be undertaken.

Moving home in the Leeds area - here are a few of our favourite home moving tips:

  • When you have a viewing booked for your property, put some fresh bread in the oven – this smells welcoming and inviting and gives people a good feeling about your home.
  • The smell of fresh coffee makes potential buyers feel at home and welcome when you are showing them around your house – try and have a pot on the go whenever you have a viewing booked.
  • If you are trying to sell a house and have animals at home, ensure that all mess is cleaned up in the garden and if possible have the animal out of the house when showing prospective buyers around. If you have a caged animal make sure the bedding is clean and again if possible leave the pet with a friend or neighbour when conducting viewings.

Read more about the history of Leeds...


Leeds gets its name from the phrase, Loidis, which was a forested area in the Celtic kingdom. This settlement originated during the time England conquered Norman. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Leeds had developed into a centre known for its woolen industry. Leeds grew rapidly during the industrial revolution.


By 1893, Leeds had been granted city status. Some of the industries that had emerged during the industrial revolution included steam engines, machinery for spinning, textile, pottery and leather. During the industrial revolution, coal was extracted on a large scale and the first commercial steal locomotive railway, the Middleton Railway, transported coal to Leeds. Various regions in Leeds played different roles during the industrial revolution. The city centre was the main transport and commerce centre, Hunslet and Holbeck were engineering centers while Armley, Kirkstall and Bramley became milling centers.


Leeds made a great contribution during the First World War. Indeed, a lot of men from Leeds volunteered to take part in the war during both the first and second world wars. By the 20th century Leeds’ social and economic status had grown rapidly. It was at this time that famous institutions such as the Leeds Metropolitan University and the University of Leeds were established. There was also an expansion in medical institutions particularly St James hospital and Leeds General Infirmary.


After World War 2, Leeds like many other cities experienced a decline in some of its industries that thrived in the 19th century. This decline was reversed by the development of new tertiary industries such as call centers, offices, retail and the media. In 1983, the St John's Shopping Centre was built and later on the White Rose Shopping Centre. In 1968, Radio Leeds begun broadcasting.The famous Leeds Square opened in the year 2000 and later on the Leeds City Museum. Today Leeds is regarded as a dominant city of the ancient county of West Yorkshire.



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